Trauma Teens & Transformation


Brittany Zarozinski, MA, is happy to offer clients quality therapy at a reduced fee during this time of need. Brittany combines a unique set of skills and experience with a forward-thinking vision for therapy. Working to settle trauma, worries, and life difficulties, she can guide you or your children towards a peaceful life. 


Having worked with children who are challenged with disabilities and her time with the US Navy has prepared Brittany to address a multitude of issues. We are blessed to have her skills available for you whether you are working with trauma, as a VA veteran, struggling with a TBI, anxiety, or depression.


She is a Master's level counselor currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Psychology and Counseling. Brittany is a Member of the Chi Sigma Iota Honor Society, has received a Letter of Accommodations from the Navy, and is certified in Crisis Management. She is currently practicing under the supervision of Natalie Kohlhaas, MA LPC.

Growth Starts from Within

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