Trauma Teens & Transformation


Brittany Zarozinski, MA, is happy to offer clients quality therapy at a reduced fee during this time of need. Brittany combines a unique set of skills and experience with a forward-thinking vision for therapy. Working to settle trauma, worries, and life difficulties, she can guide you or your children towards a peaceful life. 


Having worked with children who are challenged with disabilities and her time with the US Navy has prepared Brittany to address a multitude of issues. We are blessed to have her skills available for you whether you are working with trauma, as a VA veteran, struggling with a TBI, anxiety, or depression.


She is a Master's level counselor currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Psychology and Counseling. Brittany is a Member of the Chi Sigma Iota Honor Society, has received a Letter of Accommodations from the Navy, and is certified in Crisis Management. She is currently practicing under the direction and direct supervision of Natalie Kohlhaas, MA LPC.

Growth Starts from Within