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Mercer Univ. Masters Program

Intern Therapist

Welcome to Serenity Tree's team of experienced mental health professionals. Our team is comprised of highly dedicated individuals who have been trained through various certifications. We are here to provide compassionate and confidential care to individuals, couples, and families.

Dalia combines a unique set of skills and experience with a forward-thinking vision for therapy. She provides individuals with the tools and skills needed to live a peaceful life. 


Dalia is a graduate of the University of North Georgia and is finalizing her studies at Mercer University. She has presented at Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference as well as National Conference on Undergraduate Research on cultural concerns, and has worked and created research on children’s development of shame and guilt.

As an Intern under the directed experience and clinical supervision of Natalie Kohlhaas MA LPC, in the State of Georgia, Dalia is an excellent resource for those in need. 


Dalia Cuevas
Growth Starts from Within
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