Reiki Services

Rose Eldreth   Spiritual Tranformative Healer 

Intuitive Reiki Healing Session

60 minutes: $85


Rose is a Spiritual Transformative Healer. She utilizes Reiki and her spiritual abilities to help you release what you were programmed to be and reclaim who you truly are.


Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive form of energy healing that is delivered to your being through the laying of hands by your healer. Fully clothed during your session, you will feel gentle hands being placed intuitively and respectively upon your body allowing for healing and guidance to be received throughout your session.


As the energy is flowing into your body you will begin to feel more relaxed allowing all thoughts and worries to fall away. During your session, you may experience changes in body temperature, have inner experiences, feel at peace, or simply fall asleep much like deep connection or prayer.  Reiki works to help you heal on all levels- emotional, physical, spiritual. Relax and allow this healing session to serve your highest good.

Health Starts from Within