Spiritual Transformative Healer

Trianna is a Spiritual Transformational Healer. She uses Reiki and her spiritual abilities to help you release what you were programmed to be and reclaim who you truly are.


While many individuals know Reiki for its ability to promote relaxation and stress relief, Trianna utilizes treatments to provide you the opportunity to grow and reach for deeper knowledge within, aiding in your self-discovery, helping you to reconnect and follow your own unique and beautiful truth.


Trianna herself was guided to move to New York City where Reiki found her and assisted her in her own self-healing and self-discovery. After immersing herself deeply into this healing modality, she received attunements in levels 1, 2 and 3a; each instruction allowing her to learn and understand her connection to Source/God and life. This ultimately led to her true calling.


Trianna believes that in order to truly live the life you desire you must be bold enough to be YOURSELF. Trianna helps you to HEAL yourself so that you can BE yourself.  You CAN live the life that you have always wanted and help others do the same.

Growth Starts from Within