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Don't Let the Big Tech Companies Take Over Your Mental Health Care!

Exploring the consequences of tech companies entering the mental health care industry and how it could have serious implications for Private practices and clients in the future.

deep pockets

When it comes to our mental health, private practices are built to support clients and offer high-quality, effective care. But recently, there has been a trend of big tech companies entering the therapy industry and using their deep pockets to alter the traditional model of care. Why is it so important to not let the big tech companies take over your mental health care?

prioritizing profit

It’s no secret that technology has revolutionized the way we interact with one another and receive services. As mental health becomes increasingly important, tech companies prioritize profits and use networks of contracted therapists making it more and more difficult for many private practices. It is essential that we recognize the implications of these practices, as our mental wellbeing should never be compromised for commercial gain.


Private practices provide valuable services for their clients, and it's important to ensure that they have the support and resources needed to continue operating and providing high quality care. Coming together and advocating for affordable therapy options will help ensure that all clients have access to quality mental health care services. Therapists or clients supporting private practices and making efforts towards improving the mental health care landscape is possible through a wide variety of social communities more now than ever before.

To read the full article:

(2021, May 23). Is This the End of the Private Practice Therapist? MENTAL HEALTH MATCH.

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