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Individual Therapy

Overwhelmed and exhausted? Our therapists can help you find constructive ways of managing your emotions. Allow us to help you develop inner strength, compassion for others, increase your self-awareness, and have a greater ability to experience joy and serenity than ever before.


Anxiety & Stress in and of themselves are not a disease or illness but turn into conditions when a person becomes physically, psychologically, emotionally, fearful or distraught. All human beings encounter normal levels of anxiety and stress in response to day-to-day circumstances. But, when levels of stress and fear are excessive, they impact ourselves, our marriages, and our children and should be addressed. 


Talk therapy is useful yet, when talk therapy fails, Serenity Tree is here to help you with highly researched methods of care. Call us today for a consultation so we can walk you through your best options. 

Happier Healthier Stronger
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