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Therapy is like enrolling in a course where you are the subject matter. Here is the place where you can take the time to explore who you are, what you feel and why you do what you do. It is one place where strange thoughts are acceptable. Have a sudden impulse? Say it. Flash to a certain memory? Talk about it. The phrase somethings are better left unsaid doesn't apply here so speak freely and you might learn something interesting. Bring in dreams, daydreams and fantasies, especially those about the character within. People often have more of this material when they're in process of becoming and reaching. This can be incredibly rich to explore. Grow your happiness, intensify your connections, reach your potential. Allow yourself to seek change, a new character or find your voice.


Recognize that if you're seeking your character, you can shift and reach for a deeper truth. If you're curious, teachable and motivated to do some work, it can be one of the most challenging and rewarding journeys you ever take.

Behind the Scenes

Natalie Kohlhaas has been working in the feild with actors for many years. Her expertise can propel you foward to find the character within and truth of that voice or your own.

Contact her directly concerning on and off set counseling packages 404-542-3502

$2000 - $25000

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