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Anxiety The Great "What If"

Lurking behind our anxious mindset is always the question of "what if?". The chances of our fears actually coming to fruition are relatively low. In a recent study, researchers asked their participants to write out their fears over a lengthy period of time and then identify which of their fears occurred wand which did not. What they found was that 85% of individuals fears never happened. Out of the 15% of those who reported that their fears did occur, 79% of those discovered that they were able to easily handle their fears much more easily than they anticipated.

This study shows us that 97% of what we spend time working about is nothing more than an exaggeration of our over-active mind that tricks us into fixating on worse case scenarios. This fixation pushes our fearful mind to worry about exaggerations and misconceptions. We are in more danger spending our time in a state of worry than we are from the things we fear.

Anxiety is a real problem and the psychological stress it causes can have adverse affects on not only our life but our health as well. Which can lead to serious problems such as heart disease, premature aging, Alzheimer and more. When we find ways to handle our anxiety, stress, and retake control over our unconscious mind, with therapy we will increase our chances of living happier, more fruitful lives.

It is possible to rewire our brain so that we stop fixation on what worries us in our life. The first step is to not believe that misfortune is the end result. Let us take the example of someone afraid of loosing their partner, if they do end up losing them then what is the next step, do we; work on ourselves, look for someone else, or sink into depression, and if we sink into depression than what comes after that? Whatever happens there is always a next step and a new path we can take, it is never the end of our journey. No matter how illogical our fear or however substantial the "what if" is play it out and allow yourself to look to whatever comes next.

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