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Women supporting Women : Your Tribe

Some refer to it as a tribe, a pack, or a sisterhood. They can be of any race, religion, or

sexual origin but the one thing they have is mutual love and admiration for one another. My tribe is a group of strong, independent women who lift me up when I am down and keep me in line when I stray. I find myself drawn to women who have fought their way through pain and struggles and are mindful. They have learned how to set boundaries but somehow still make time for others.

I have seen many girls and women sacrifice their voices and themselves for the sake of being part of a group of females who they thought was their tribe just to find out it was all a facade. I recently had one friend who realized that the women who she thought were her friends were just a click.

She thought she was in the perfect group until she wanted to do something different. She explained to me “I thought they were my friends, and then I realized those relationships were a one-way street. There was drama and it became draining. And when I told them about new work plan, I became the butt of their jokes and was ridiculed for my beliefs.”

What my friend was dealing with was a group of women who had their own self-esteem issues and baggage. It really wasn’t about her as much as it was about them.

During that time, she became more self-conscious and withdrawn. She stopped sharing her goals and dreams because she didn’t want them to be torn apart and trashed. She started experiencing negative thoughts such as “I am such an idiot, whatever made me think I could do that?”

When she shared all of this with me over brunch, I told her it wasn’t her goals that were ridiculous, it was the people questioning her goals that were ridiculous and the only thing holding her back was herself!

She agreed; She realized that these women had robbed her of her voice, her beliefs, and her dreams, and she couldn’t let it keep happening. So, she stopped accepting invitations out with the group and started focusing on herself.

We spoke again just last week and she shared with me that she now understands what I meant by having a tribe and a sisterhood. Now her time with her friends is spent having conversations that are raw and real. They laugh, they cry, they share their fears and they lift one another up.

She quit the job that she hated and is now working with underprivileged children in Atlanta. She comes home every night exhausted and sometimes frustrated but she says she is more fulfilled than she ever has been.

So, let me ask do you have click or do you have a sisterhood?

Do the people you surround yourself with lift you up or do they tear you down?

If you’re with a group of people tearing you down, step out of the group, refocus on yourself and watch the people who begin to enter into your life.

Because when you begin to surround yourself with the people who lift you up you will accomplish amazing things.

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